Special Needs

Mr Bubbles is a trained Art’s Therapist. Skills that were acquired while completing a degree in arts therapies are put to great use when working with disadvantaged and mentally challenged children.

The Background

The necessity and importance of understanding each specific need and disadvantage is of paramount importance. Each show is tailor made and underpinned by the creative expressive model.

The Experience

Mr. Bubbles and his team have implemented many of these techniques within a medical setting and are currently developing a charity to finance this.

The Location

Special needs schools, hospices, day units and Hospitals, including : Alder – Hey, The Royal Childrens Hospital in Manchester, St Mary’s and St Thomas and Great Ormond St. in London have all benefited from this valuable community service.

The Success

The unique combination of clowning skills and therapeutic intervention is facilitating the Childrens recovery in a new and exciting way. Bubbles hopes to lead the field of special needs in this new original area.

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